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The Golden Spiral

Furniture, Public Art

The College of New Jersey STEM Complex, Ewing, NJ, 2018; In Progress

The pursuit of beauty, of underlying order, lies at the core of intellectual inquiry.  Explored since ancient times, and made popular through work of Leonardo Fibonacci and Johannes Kepler in the Middle Ages, the Golden Ratio is visualized here as a logarithmic spiral.  Inspired by the Golden Ratio, this 28′ w landmark functional sculpture offers instructional space  a community gathering site. Sculpture will be a focal point of the STEM complex, serving as an icon for the College and embodying the search for knowledge and insight via higher education. (Fabricated in Fiber Reinforced Polymer & Stainless Steel by Kreysler & Associates.)

Commissioned by the College of New Jersey;Created in association with the NJ State Council on the Arts


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