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Hayes Valley Historic Miniature Golf Extravaganza

Public Art, Temporary + Social Practice

San Francisco, CA  •  2007 

The Hayes Valley Historic Miniature Golf Extravaganza was an interpretation of the cultural and physical geography of a San Francisco neighborhood in the form of a participatory game accessible to all ages. Playing the nine-hole course told the story of layers of opportunism, related spectacle and struggle, redeemed by recent neighborhood activism leading to the social and economic revitalization of a thriving community. The project was intended to be at once educational, challenging and fun.

We view Hayes Valley as a microcosm of San Francisco, and its neighborhood history as representative of past and present settlement patterns inherent in Westward expansion. Hayes Valley is a contemporary frontier within a frontier city, and the HVHMGE was the public art equivalent of a cinematic Western.
The course traveled through 10,000 years of history, with a recurring theme of sand, the geological substrate upon which the neighborhood is built.
Commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission



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