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Deep Craft Atelier

Temporary + Social Practice

StoreFrontLab, San Francisco, CA • 2012

Designed as a social experiment investigating the potential for extremely localized design, manufacture and retail, the Deep Craft Atelier was the inaugural project at San Francisco’s innovative Storefront Lab. Scott curated a select community of artists and designers to develop products compatible with his Deep Deck Longboard, a skateboard made from locally sourced horticultural salvage. Taking the form of a pop-up ‘board shop’, Deep Craft Atelier opened to the public on three consecutive Saturdays, featuring food prepared by local chefs. Goods sold were fabricated during the week, when the space was transformed into a collaborative, publicly accessible workshop.

Commissioned by: Storefront Lab • Photography: Hans Kwiotek • Special thanks to David Baker & Yosh Asato, Gabriel Russo & chefs Cal Peternell & Leif Hedendal & Thought for Food



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