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Public Art

12 murals on Pump Stations, Stockton, CA • 2004

The Calavers Murals are interactive. In a unique “ceramic lenticular mural” system invented by Wowhaus, two images are mounted on a single corrugated steel substrate; the images shift and change as viewers walk past. Viewed head-on, the patterns interpenetrate. This system enables Wowhaus to invite large-scale community participation in the creation of a monumental work; many people can contribute to the conception and creation of the mural, emphasizing collective collaboration. The murals reflect the unique ecosystem of the Calaveras River. Many children hadn’t realized that the Calaveras River flowed by their schools; over 200 students ages 6-18 contributed to the creation of the murals. Students accompanied Wowhaus on expeditions to the river itself, observing wildlife and the ecosystem first-hand.

Commissioned by: Stockton Public Art Program 


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