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Public Art

Ortega Branch Library, San Francisco, CA • 2011

“Abundance” is a duo of large-scale, shimmering glass mosaic sculptures that are destined to become beloved symbols of San Francisco’s Ortega Branch Library. Visible from both the street and the library, the artwork beckons the public to the site; upon entering the library, visitors learn that the artwork offers insight into the neighboring Pacific Ocean ecosystem as well.

The sculptures takes as their theme the concept of abundance. Uniquely sited within view of the Pacific Ocean, the Ortega Branch Library is a source of abundant knowledge, a place where people of all ages come to learn and grow. Likewise, the nearby ocean is a wellspring of sustenance, offering an abundance of resources for both humans and animals. Both Ocean Beach landmarks – one cultural, the other natural – are vital to the community. These colorful sculptures, shimmering and iridescent, are icons of the abundance that lies both in the library and in the ocean beyond.

The artwork focuses on the significance of two “ordinary” fish that swim in the waters just off shore. Both fish, although relatively unknown, have played a vital role in the natural and cultural history of Ocean Beach.

Commissioned by: San Francisco Arts Commission • Collaborated with Bureau of Architecture’s Library Design Studio, SF Department of Public Works (Silver LEED Certified building) + Lizzy Hirsch, Dept. of Public Works Landscape Architecture Section, City & County of San Francisco. Installation: Atthowe Fine Art Services.


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